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It's too bad for Palm this didn't happen months ago - they likely would have sold a lot of devices if it had hit prior to the rollout of the Storm2 and Droid.

The web OS 1.4.0 update does not include any new applications, however, it does include some 70 documented updates to Palm's mobile operating system.

These are huge features that take a lot of time to get right. 26 June 2013 Alpha2 Announcement Dear Community, Today we're releasing an alpha 2 version of our work.

Because of that, there won’t be a stable build released this month. We have worked very hard through the last months to achieve our goals of having a usable device running Open web OS.

Note that this wiki page is always the authoritative source of information about this process, so you should refer to this page first for any and all instructions.

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If you've lost track of what's going on, be sure to check out the latest updates page to catch-up on who has what and so on. In the 2008 Round Robin we took a look at the Treo Pro.

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