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The students are virtual, but the learning is very real.

In sim School, educators can create and practice teach any type of learning profile they might encounter in the classroom – sim School can create 10 trillion different student profiles on demand.

Hinds County Sheriff Victor Mason said the students involved in the altercation used to go to school together in Jackson, before transferring.Title I schools are public schools that receive special grants because of their high number of students who have been identified as at-risk. Some of these people are even making important decisions about education. I respect my administration and feel valued by them. I’m not sure if I’ll continue teaching elsewhere or start a new career.What makes sim School unique is the underlying science.Drawing upon familiar and well-published models of learning, cognition and emotion (including the OCEAN Model of Psychology, Cattel Horn Carroll, structural functional and constructivist learning theory and more), sim School provides a safe environment where teachers can explore familiar concepts in a new and innovative way: creating and teaching virtual, artificially intelligent students that behave as real students would.

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Officials say the most recent fight at the high school was a continuance of a brawl that happened on Friday during a basketball game.

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  1. While living at Spencer House I took my GED test but never received it. Thank you I am looking for my transcripts to a school I attended in Honolulu 1969-1971. I just have my grandmother's name and the dates that the birth fell between. I had a name change in 1994 and I need to get the name change decree with the SEAL on it. I don't have the CASE number since is was so long ago ..