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Jamie: Indeed, we wanted to ‘take something old and make it new again’, make it accessible to the proverbial ‘You Tube generation’.

But what my partner occasionally shies away from mentioning is that most Yiddish speakers throughout the world today are the ultra-Orthodox, who use it, at least to an extent, as a way of keeping the Jewish community separate, isolated.

There are just so many personality components to match. For example, how about Ashkenardi.com, a dating website dedicated to linking Ashkenazi and Sephardi Jews?

He was part of the ensemble cast of the film Shattered Glass opposite Hayden Christensen and Peter Sarsgaard, and has guest-starred on numerous popular series including Crossing Jordan, Criminal Minds, Without a Trace, CSI: NY and The Closer.Finally, to save Biderman from the Ashley Madison shandeh, we suggest a new dating service called Asher Mandelbaum, all about Jewish affairs.It’s not what you think: we’re talking weddings, bar mitzvahs and brisses.After racking up numerous credits individually, the two native Montrealers came together to explore Jewish, religious and cultural identity while paying tribute to their Jewish comic heritage in the world’s first modern Yiddish online sitcom, Yid Life Crisis. This variety of responses is very interesting and will help illustrate the point of today’s talk, which is, what exactly is a Yid Life Crisis? Jamie and I grew up in Montreal, in a tight-knit traditional Jewish community.The show has reached a global audience in the hundreds of thousands and brought the duo to sold out live shows across North America and Israel. Mir zaynen khaymi un leyzer fun der veb-serye Yid Life Crisis. A term that we coined which hopefully will end up in Wikipedia. Now, the clip you just saw was from our Season 2 premiere, we call it “Off The Top.” I can assure you when we shot the first season of the show back in summer of 2014, we never imagined that anyone would see it, let alone the fact that our work would be shown all over the world and that we’d eventually end up getting invited to prestigious places like Limmud and these very JDOV talks, which we are indeed very grateful for being included in, we’re honoured. We went to Jewish day school, Jewish summer camps, we finagled our way into as many Israel trips as possible – if it was Jewy and in Montreal before the age of 18, we probably did it.

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Our favorite Kansan comic shares his life philosophy that you should probably go live by.

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