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Similarly to the dichotomy of Introverted and Extraverted individuals, the two sides of the Perceiving Preference—Sensing MBTI Types and Intuitive MBTI Types—can both use their differences to balance one another and can feel as though their differences keep them apart.

According to renowned MBTI Type expert Judi Grutter, about 75% of the world’s population has a preference for Sensing.

I had many of these people take the mbti test afterwards to check my accuracy.

This is quite accurate, although not being a T, I didn’t bother to find out the exact accuracy :p I just cared that it works lol The Quick Test: When you meet someone new, ask them how their week went.

Here are some points to help you overcome the communication barrier so you can start enjoying a Sensor's company.

They make very specific observations about the things that are going on around them, and they do not attribute any meaning to those observations.

An Intuitive might experience the same flight like this: Intuitives read between the lines to size up a situation and take intellectual leaps of faith about the meaning of things.

For example, a Myers-Briggs Sensing Type admires the creativity and inventive nature of the Intuitive Type, while at times, the Intuitive Type finds the Sensing Type to be a refreshing, down-to-earth alternative to their more abstract mindset.

MBTI Intuitive Types enjoy the logical thought processes and present mindfulness of their Sensing Type opposites, which helps them live more in that moment in reality and less in their heads.

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