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: D I decided to creat a page where you can see all otomes playable!I will start putting more games and uptade it later.Two years ago, Japan--and Japan alone--did get more. Unlike the Phoenix Wright games, Ace Attorney Investigations was in the third person, allowing players to literally step into the shoes of Miles.That said, the game was still fairly similar in terms of gathering evidence and doing a fair bit of finger pointing, making it a wonderful addition to the series.So now, with Tokyo Game Show beginning later in the week, we celebrate these games--and beg for their release.

- Will maintain this blog for the next months and years, and preferably post on a daily or weekly basis- Will not only support games labelled as “BL” or “Japanese-looking” games, but also titles created all over the world by various kind of people with various writing and art styles- Will not try to make money off this blog - Preferably knows a bit of HTML/CSS to maintain the blog layout and it’s pages, or is willing –really willing– to learn how- Will not fall for Queer Baiting- Supports LGBTQIA folks and their rights to express themselves.

***note: While making this list I had to consider many different things, including whether or not I wanted to include games that have visual novel elements like Persona or the Ace Attorney Series.

In the end, I decided to focus on true 'bishoujo' dating sim games.#10: Sakura Wars V, aka Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love (PS2/Wii, Red Entertainment/NIS America)Five years is how long it took someone to finally release this storied franchise in America.

Ask PC gamers in Japan what their favorite games are, and Starcraft, World of Warcraft or Call of Duty won't be uttered from many of their mouths. Or how an adult man can be brought to tears with just a little over-the-top melodrama?

Curious about what makes these choose-your-own adventure games so memorable?

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