Dating celestion blue speakers

Q: What 12” & 8” speakers would you recommend for Harp?

I've noticed the Alnico speakers cost more, but I've never really had an opportunity to hear a side-by-side compare.

Unfortunately, this means you can't get the full experience. This page is a collection of odds and ends information relating to speakers and speaker implementation.

It'd be awesome if you could upgrade to a modern browser, especially Chrome and Firefox as that is the best out there right now. You might find some of the information useful in determining which speaker would be best suited to your application.

There are 2 acceptable methods of displaying the EIA date code, with or without a hyphen between the manufacture code and the year/week code.

SC Alnicos sound different than ceramics--mellower and not as sharp.

If you can track down the datecode, simply refer to the following set of tables, which provide an accurate record of the date codes used throughout the years.

Since 1956, all Celestion chassis drivers have been stamped with a date code (two numbers and two letters), denoting exact date of manufacture.

Q: What are the wiring options and impedance loads for four speakers?

Q: What are the wiring options and impedance loads for two speakers?

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One question we're often asked is "how old is my speaker?

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