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Sometimes I wonder if I’m going to die alone—”sometimes” being loosely defined as “regularly” — because life is unfair, and dating can often times feel impossible.Waking up to your dog’s morning breath, taking showers alone and scrolling past loving couples kissing in your Instagram feed serve as daily reminders that you’re solo, and that there’s a good chance you will stay that way indefinitely.

Any guy who says that he has been chewed out by a "feminist" for doing either of these things is flat-out lying. If it's possible, keep the offending piece of technology out of sight altogether, but if you need to plop it on the table, silence it and put it .

You may be unwittingly holding yourself back from finding a good partner by choosing to stay on multiple dating apps — all at the same time!

I’ll never forget my psychology professor telling me “where your attention goes your energy flows”.

The first step to bringing about positive change in your life is recognizing that there is a problem and then creating an action plan to stop repeating the same bad habits and behaviors in the future!

Here is a summary of the most common reasons people fail at online dating: Unfortunately, a lot of today’s dating apps are not encouraging healthy dating habits.

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If you’ve had bad luck with online dating, there are a few fundamental pitfalls you need to be aware of.

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