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Sex gets talked about as a guilty pleasure, that thing we do out of pure desire when we could be spending our time productively or improving ourselves.

But instead of feeling guilty, it's worth remembering: Sex is actually good for us.

This is a drone video from the 3rd annual Fastracs auto soccer game. Also I'm pretty sure the game almost ended when that SUV runs into the excavator's bucket at .

It's like Rocket League in real life except with way less impressive cars (although I do like that van with the roof cut off), and excavators as goalies. Seen here about to drown, this is a short video of German man Benjamin David, who, fed up with the traffic congestion in Munich, decided to start swimming to work instead of taking traditional transportation.

But once a month you could invite a parent to eat lunch with you in the cafeteria and I'll always invite my mom on a pizza and cinnamon roll Friday because those were the best and she deserves the best.

One time a coworker's laptop caught fire here at work and I literally huffed the flames out. "Congratulations, it's cancer." Please, I'm going to live forever because God wants to watch me suffer as long as possible. Apparently the flipbook will eventually be handcrank powered, he just wanted to test the motion first. It's got everything: space travel, androids, aliens, teachers getting beamed up from unknown planets, school -- even a broken Stargate.

Personally, I'd prefer the drill to a handcrank, because why do work when you can let technology do the work for you? It almost made me wish I went to this middle school so I could take this video production class.

Keep going for the video, but feel free to skip around because it is almost ten minutes long with multiple post-credits scenes.

This is a video of Youtuber sledguy910 narrating his garbagemen's disposal of the trashcan he melted with hot coals from a fire because he thought putting hot coals from a fire in a garbage can was a good idea.

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